Online Development

Digital Services

We offer website development, custom digital projects, e-shops, CMS, custom templates or plugins for Wordpress, Magento and other platforms.

We guide you through the whole process of creative and technical creation of your digital project in a transparent way.

Design and development of web pages

The development of a professional website, not matters the size of the project, always involves an analysis of the client's needs, such as the message to be transmitted, the corporate identity, the functionalities and the user experience.

We help you in the creation of your website using state-of-the-art technologies. CMS content managers such as Wordpress, Premium Plugins, custom templates adapted to your brand or product.

Online Shop

We develop your shop using state-of-the-art platforms with the latest industry standards.

Accept different payment methods, either via Paypal, credit cards, debit cards or payments via bank transfer. If you wish to implement a special functionality in your shop, Internauticos Business will analyze it and provide you with a customized solution.

Mobile Applications

We make hybrid mobile applications that combine the advantages of web and mobile technologies in such a way that they work on all types of mobile devices regardless of the operating system.

Front & Back-End

We work on Front-End as well as Back-End projects combining state-of-the-art technologies & Frameworks for the development of projects.

The Front-End must be intuitive for your client or visitor: avoid falling into complexity, shorten processes and improve the user experience.

In the Back-End it is important to have an efficient, secure and versatile environment to optimize information management and internal processes.

Cyber Security

The security and early warning package is intended to protect your website from threats such as hackers, spywares, malware, etc.

It includes updates, identification and solution of security breaches and malwares, as well as backups stored in our offline servers in Germany, as well as other services, depending on your requirements and web systems.

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