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App Development

Nowadays, mobile applications have become very useful digital tools, some of them nearly essential to our modern way of life.

They allow us to send messages and talk with people around the globe, comfortably buy bus or plane tickets, book a hotelroom or enjoy all kind of entertainment. These applications are deeply rooted in our digitalized society. By now, it is crystal clear that they have come to stay and offer a vast potential and a global market to make our ideas a reality.

Regardless of the functions of your application and its complexity, a careful evaluation is crucial for the successful development of your project.

Working Method

5 Steps

e-Meeting & Protocol

With this first step we pretend to correctly understand the idea of your project, discuss targets and cover further issues. We can do this remotely by means of calls or video-conferences as well as on-site in Germany.

For security reasons and the peace of mind of both parties, we have drawn up a Non-Disclosure and Data Protection Agreement in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

After an in-depth analysis of the requirements and technical principles, we estimate necessary time intervals and deadlines for development and testing phases and issue a transparent quotation for your digital project.

Planning & Target Analysis

During planning phase we evaluate appropiate technologies and tools for the development of your application in line with its primary goals.

Good planning and structure lead to an efficient manner of work. We concentrate on correct scheduling and processes, information gathering, costs and ideal ressources in order to provide you with one or more quotations along with suggestions for development and workflow.

Sketching & Prototyping

Drafting / Sketching is an important process that should always preced a project's actual development.

Drafts, both analog and digital, give shape to the different aspects of your digital project. Beyond the aesthetic and interactive part, known as UX/UI (User Experience & Interface), they also cover the systematic components. This means the processes and algorithms that will be implemented once the prototype has been validated.

Development & Testing

Once the prototype has been approved, we initiate the actual development and programming of your project. Depending on its functions and complexity, this process may take longer than previous stages.

The development of several beta versions allows us to execute in-depth technical and interactive testing in cooperation with our customers (Debugging).

Launch & Follow-up

Once the tests have been passed and with the client's approval, the project is concluded. Of course, the client is provided with all the information on their application, as well as manuals and training if necessary.

It goes without saying that at the end of this process we will always be happy to continue working with our customers to support their digital strategy.

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